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Time Trading Corporation

LED Module


We provide LED Modules Jewellery Boxes, Greeting Cards, Brochures, Location Map Sign Boards, Sign Boards, Direction Boards, etc. LEDs and patterns of LEDs can be programmed as per application requirements.  You can refer to videos on this page or kindly contact us directly for more information.

Time Trading Corporation was established in the year 1983. We are Manufacturer, Wholesaler and Supplier of Sound Modules, Voice Modules, Musical COB, Mantra Chanting Box, Video Brochures, Voice Activated Alarm Clock, LED Module, Musical Greeting Card, Gift Boxes, Doorbells and many more. etc.


*Samples and customizations are available for this product. 

Customization Options:

  • LED Count

  • LED Blinking Pattern


  • Jewellery Box

  • Brochures

  • Map Sign Boards

  • Direction Boards

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